Property for sale in Gili Meno (Indonesia)

Price: 3.600.000.000 rp


Gili Meno is famous for the turtles who come there on love season.

David Hasselhoff says he found his heaven in Gili Meno. He is a partner in a luxury resort on the beach.

  • Beautiful flat land of 23,7 ares. Market price: 120, 000,000 IDR per are, so : 2,844,000,000 IDR
  • Two villas with 2 pools, full furnished and equipped, at $70,000 each, so $140,000 / 1,923,000,000IDR
    Were joined together last june with a small salon.. Make one of the very few 2-bedrooms villa of the Gilis.
    Normal price: 4,000,000,000IDR sacrificed at 3,200,000,000IDR
  • Leasehold 25y x 4 = 100 years (automatic renewal every 25y 3 times)
  • And also: land of 500m2, 100% flat, 6mn walk to the beach (superb, clear water, never crowdy), very few cocotrees (not annoying), two accesses, electricity/water points near. Price: 30,000€ (at July 2022)

The land is the whole 00647 lot. The X part to show how could be a 10 ares part (can be sub-rent or cut-and-sell-contract)

The neighbor, Villas Ottalia, the largest swimming-pool of the Gilis, with lounge bar and excellent restaurant:

Each villa look like this and are now joined together by an outdoor salon:

The land, perfectly flat, 3-sides accesses:

Leasing, marketing, maintenance, etc…ALL can be delegate in total trust to Villas Ottalia, which built all. They have 20y + of experience in this business, and the best reputation.

A safe and very good investment: Gilis islands, especially Gili Meno, why?
– SHM ok for indonesians.

– On Bali, a lease contract is of maxi 31 years. In the Gilis, it can be up to 4 x 25 years.
– From 2005 to 2018, prices of land have doubled every 3 years. And have not dropped then.
– Gili islands are very famous in Indonesia, they are one of the first destinations chosen by indonesians
(note: Indonesia makes more millionaires in $ per month than France / The middle class exists and grows quickly. They have holidays and they travel, mostly inside their country)
– Gili Trawangan was « discovered » by back-packers, hippies, in the 80’s, and became very popular in the 2000’s. But now, in summer, it’s a « mini-Kuta ». Sympathetically alive, but better live on Gili Meno, with its beautiful beaches sometimes for only me (Gili T. looks like Kuta beach, sometimes), its calm, due to the intelligence of Meno indigens, who observed « how it is going in» Gili T. and Gili Air, where owners forgot to
fix the minimum size of land and to rule the sublets. In Gili Meno, the seafront lands were of mini 1 ha (at $1 million in 2008. I think that all were sold).
 Then, we go from an island to another in 5mn at any time, for $20. So, when we want to party…
– The Gilis islands are famous in Indonesia, but also in Australia for long time. They are also famous among the population of travellers. They are « a spot to know ». For years now, they attract japaneses, koreans, singaporians. From mid-June to mid-September and from December 22 to January 5, 1000 tourists per day. And, recently, a group of chineses came. It was a little event, because it was the first, and of course bigger than previous groups of other asians. 
So, now the Gilis are known in China.
– A lease contract of 25y x 4 is safer than an ownership, in Indonesia. Any foreigner who knows well the topic from conversations with indonesians notaries and lawyers can confirm me.
– This contract can be sold at any time. The seller must give 5% commission to the owner of the land. Nothing else before and after.
– When every part of land will be sold, the prices of lands will be boosted.
– Since its independance (49), Republic of Indonesia, never despoiled foreigners’properties.
– My wish is to sell 1000 or 1500m2, at 100 jt (millions) rp per are (100m2), which is the market price. And to keep my villa. Will be a very good cash-machine, with like-no tax, and without need of me. The neighbor, Villas Ottalia (best resort of the Gilis) is a good old friend who manages everything. He is an old excellent pro. Who lived 17 years in Bali before discovering the Gilis and their potential. Now, he manages 3 resorts of 30 villas, several restaurants, shops, spas, and lives full-time in the Gilis for 14 years. He avoids to go to Bali…road trafic, noise, smoke, crowd…
– Lease contract can be sold anytime, but also, the buyer can negociate with the owner the re-buying of years of lease. This can be contracted with the owner when buying the lease contract from the foreigner. The rule is simple: “the price of the land will be the average of the neighbors lands. »